It started with Astrology; how did it end up like this?


I’ve always been into occult knowledge. It started with my first love, Astrology. When we met, I was a moody, self-absorbed teenager, and I loved to hear all about how the planets validated my dramatic existence. Aries rising, Pisces sun, Taurus moon; a fiery, independent, emotional daydreamer, wrapped neatly in an immoveable stubbornness. Yep, that was me.


Because there are so many other body parts

It’s really an overdone narrative in film and television; a couple has a baby and stops having sex. Then the conversation about the no-sex either happens or someone ends up cheating, blames their infidelity on the lack of sex or the lack of talking about it, and the issue of no-sex comes full circle only to endure.


My lack of life direction is my identity, and I’m finally okay with that

Since I could work at the age of 15, I’ve been a babysitter, bookkeeper, receptionist, strip-club bartender, call-centre agent, sandwich hand, restaurant manager and freelance writer. And they’re just the jobs I’ve had. The ideas for who I could be? Endless.

Understanding how fear & defense mechanisms are holding you back from change

Image by Levi Jacobs

Note: Though I’m not a scientist or professional expert on brains, I do have one. The advice in this article comes straight from personal experience, so please, don’t take it as professional advice. Consult your doctor, or not ;)

Image by Jack Teagle

It’s all in the mind

Apart from your job, your possessions, and the various roles you play in your life, who are you? If you were to strip away all concepts and titles, all memories and past experiences, what would be left? If you were without your skills, opinions and beliefs, who or what would you be? The truth is, you are no one and everyone. No-thing and everything. You are the blank canvas and the beautiful, wretched painting. To understand this is one thing, to live it, another. But understanding is an important step. To begin to grasp who or what you are, you…

It’s so funny…it’s, wait…

Image by Tyler Spangler

Gaslighting: A form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes, including low self-esteem.

Integrating ego to step into soul.

Image by Moonassi

Spiritual buzzwords like manifestation, love and light seem to be the latest trend on social media. We’re being told that our dream lives are closer than ever — all we’ve got to do is ask the universe for what we want. While this sounds like a great time (don’t get me wrong, it is), many seem to be coming up short. That’s because the process of manifestation is much more than angel numbers, positive thoughts and high hopes. To receive, we must genuinely believe in ourselves and our worth. To get there, we must face our shadow, which includes accepting…

Image by Sangho Bang

We’re a strange bunch, us humans. Having spent the last sixty years devouring the resources of our solar system’s only habitable planet, we’ve made the ice age we’re supposed to be in feel more like a sauna. Like the fluffy blue muppet, we’re insatiable — we eat everything. As a result, our natural resources have been depleted at a speed so fast, it’s threatening our survival. With ongoing droughts, the future of our food is uncertain; the soil we’ve used to grow our crops for centuries is now so dry that little can be sustained from it. Our summers are…


I’m really good at spontaneous dance & checking for traffic.

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